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Now a single platform provides the simplicity and scale you need to unleash the full potential of your data.

Today you’re managing dozens of individual storage solutions in complex architectures to support block, file and object data types and a variety of deployments across your organization. The challenge is: these infrastructures, data types and deployments lack integrations, creating data and application silos, even when everything is from a single vendor. With multiple architectures and data silos to contend with, simplifying enterprise storage with automation at scale hasn’t been possible. Until now…



The new VSP One Data Platform from Hitachi Vantara


VSP One Block 24, 26, and 28

Technical Specifications


The Power of Virtual Storage Platform One
No Hassle, No Silos, No Limits.
Imagine a common data plane across block, file and object storage. Everything is managed as one data platform for all applications, where infrastructure becomes invisible and data silos melt away, giving data the flexibility to consume solutions.The result: total data freedom allowing your applications to utilize any storage solution, anytime and anywhere. It all just fits together—infrastructure, data, apps—free from constraints.

Complete visibility and interoperability of your data unlocks deeper insights, faster, to enhance business agility and operational excellence. You’ll be able to quickly respond to market needs while streamlining workflows and reducing the costs needed to gain business advantage.
This is your new reality with Virtual Storage Platform One

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Business Unit Manager Data Infrastructure
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