06.03.2023 | TD SYNNEX IBM Hardware Team

IBM News: Change of IP addresses for Call Home & Electronic Fix Distribution

In the course of this year, the IP addresses for Call Home and Electronic Fix Distribution will be changed. If necessary, the customer’s firewall settings must be changed so that Call Home or Fix Distribution can continue to function!

All important details can be found HERE.

Some important points from this:

  • Preparing customer firewalls and proxies for the upcoming infrastructure changes – Call Home, Electronic Fix Distribution
  • Public internet IP addresses are changing for the IBM servers that support Call Home and electronic download of fixes for customer system’s software, hardware, and operating system. This change pertains to all operating systems and applications connecting to IBM for electronic Call Home and fix download
  • New network connections between your machine and IBM servers are required to keep your ability to perform Call Home and download fixes. If you have a firewall in your network, you might need to make changes to allow the new connections
  • Ensure as soon as possible that the following DNS names, IP addresses, and ports are open on your firewall. If these connections are NOT currently allowed, then you must create new firewall rules that allow them to flow.  Add firewall rules for ALL new IP addresses. Even the IP addresses not enabled until after 2023. Do NOT change or remove existing firewall rules.

If you have any questions, please contact the TD SYNNEX IBM Hardware Team (Shaun Wetli).