18.03.2022 | TD SYNNEX VMware Team

How do I secure my workloads in the cloud/data center?

Workloads are becoming increasingly distributed today, as IT environments become larger and more complex. At the same time, more and more companies are moving business-critical applications into the cloud. Key to success on the path towards cloud transformation and application modernization are therefore those security solutions with high performance, but still easy to operate. IT admin and security teams both play an important role when it comes to ensuring the security of systems. However, both still act in isolation from each other. The shift to cloud environments for applications and workloads is forcing a change in how both these roles are performed. According to a Forrester study, only 33 percent of companies today have a joint IT and security team. At the same time, 47 percent of respondents assume that this combination will be the norm in three to five years.


There is no better time to force the merger of these two units.

VMware Carbon Black helps you to take this step while ensuring maximum protection for your workloads. With the combined approach of prevention, detection and reaction, the solution offers the optimal protection for workloads. Both in virtualized, in private and in hybrid cloud environments. The direct, agentless integration into your infrastructure means that the administration effort is minimized at the same time. The intrinsic approach enables security and infrastructure teams to secure and analyze new and existing workloads at any point in the lifecycle. This gives them more opportunities to focus on the riskier vulnerabilities and the most common exploits.



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