IBM Storage Ceph 7.0

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IBM releases IBM Storage Ceph 7.0 - Now certified for WORM, with object lock, alongside with other new features and enhancements

IBM has released IBM Storage Ceph version 7.0, currently general available. This involves a major release update, following IBM’s earlier IBM Storage Ceph release of 6.1.2.

IBM Storage Ceph is an IBM-supported distribution of the open-source Ceph platform that provides massively scalable object, block, and file storage in a single system. It is part of the IBM Storage portfolio of software-defined storage.

Since January 2023, IBM Storage Ceph has been part of the IBM Storage portfolio and software-defined storage. IBM Storage Ceph runs on industry-standard x86 server hardware and can start small and then scale into Petabytes scale. IBM also offers IBM Storage Ready Nodes for easy and convenient implementation and use of IBM Storage Ceph.

IBM Storage Ceph is designed to operationalize AI with enterprise resiliency and consolidate data with software simplicity and run on multiple hardware platforms to provide flexibility and lower costs.

Engineered to be self-healing and self-managing with no single point of failure and includes storage analytics for critical insights into growing amounts of data. IBM Storage Ceph can be used as an easy and efficient way to build a data lakehouse for IBM and for next-generation AI workloads.

HERE you can learn more about the release of IBM Storage Ceph Version 7.0!

Rource: IBM, 21.12.2023

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