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On-demand, personalized and trusted experiences between consumers and suppliers/brands!

When customers want to access your online portal or work with you as a partner, they expect a secure, seamless digital experience.

But with the potential for millions of consumer identities and billions of transactions, how do you collect, store and manage data to personalize interactions while still meeting privacy standards?

IBM Security Verify CIAM solutions help you deliver seamless, repeatable user experiences that strengthen brand loyalty while reducing security threats to the organization.

What is CIAM?

Visit the Consumer IAM (CIAM) for Dummies side and download your copy of IBM’s Consumer IAM (CIAM) for Dummies booklet . It describes the key differences between consumer and employee identity, business drivers, technology and the capabilities of CIAM solutions.

Now that you’ve read up on or heard about CIAM, let’s take a look at CIAM in action.

Consider the following typical transactions in which customers, prospects, citizens, or patients interact with organizations from various industries.

– File an insurance claim

– Add multi-factor authentication to a bank account

– Renew an official ID card

– Withdraw or edit consent to retail marketing offers

– Create a service request with a telecommunications company

– Register an account with a new healthcare provider

When your organization’s use cases for better identity management are defined, you can create repeatable experiences that increase efficiency.

For example, a newsletter signup might be a short, straightforward registration compared to the multi-step process required to request an insurance quote, but there may still be common components in terms of implementation.

Other use cases introduce additional complexity when multiple identity relationships are involved, such as parental controls or beneficiary designations. These more complicated workflows can particularly benefit from a shared repository of CIAM processes that creates consistency and repeatability across an organization.

Is CIAM right for me and what suits me best?

In the from IBM provided Buyer Guide you will find everything you need!

What role does IBM Security Verify play in CIAM?

Verify brings the IAM to your CIAM!

The IBM Security Verify modular solution provides deep, AI-based context for consumer and workforce identity and access management. Protect your users and applications inside and outside the enterprise with a low-friction, cloud-native approach to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that leverages the cloud. For legacy and on-premises applications, Verify Access provides a smooth path to the cloud so you can transition at your own pace.

Take a look at the following VIDEO.

Have we got your interest?

Then contact us or visit the IBM Verify page and register for a trial.

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