Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant. Generative AI, the Ansible way

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In collaboration with IBM, Red Hat presents its first commercial generative AI service!

The innovative combination of Red Hat Ansible® Lightspeed and IBM’s watsonx Code Assistant opens up a new dimension in the Ansible experience.

Ansible Lightspeed with watsonx Code Assistant is a generative AI service designed by and for Ansible automators, operators, and developers. It accepts prompts entered by a user and then interacts with IBM watsonx foundation models to produce code recommendations built on Ansible best practices.

Ansible Lightspeed can help you convert subject matter expertise into trusted, reliable Ansible code that scales across teams and domains. While it is included with an Ansible Automation Platform subscription, a purchase of IBM watsonx Code Assistant is required to fully activate the service and unlock its generative AI capabilities.

By combining generative AI and IT automation, Ansible Lightspeed with watsonx Code Assistant can help you:

  • Enhance the productivity of automation developers
  • Expand who can create automation content
  • Extend trust in the automation codebase

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Source: Red Hat, 14.12.2023

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