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Accelerate responsible and transparent AI workflows!



IBM® watsonx.governance™ toolkit for AI governance allows you to direct, manage, and monitor your organization’s AI efforts.

IBM watsonx.governance employs software automation to strengthen your ability to mitigate risks, manage regulatory requirements, and address ethical concerns for both generative AI and machine learning (ML) models.



Read the IBM AI governance e-book to understand the current challenges clients are facing when adopting responsible AI and how they are using automated technologies to safely govern both machine learning (ML) and Generative AI models. Experience how to create an ideal solution using building blocks to accelerate responsible, transparent, and explainable AI workflows.



According to IDC, enterprises worldwide are expected to invest $151 billion on AI solutions in 2023 and the worldwide AI IT spend will exceed $308 billion by 2026. Despite this rapid growth, there are barriers to adoption.

Read the IDC white paper to learn more about new challenges in responsibly scaling responsible AI for both machine (ML) learning and Generative AI (Gen AI) models.



Read the IBM watsonx.governance overview to learn how this solution can help you govern and build trust in your generative AI. IBM watsonx.governance provides automated governance for both machine learning (ML) and Generative AI (Gen AI) on one integrated platform. Discover how IBM is addressing three key pillars of governance: regulations, risk, and lifecycle governance

Would you like to find out more about IBM watsonx.governance or do you have any questions? Get in touch with our experts or visit our TD SYNNEX IBM & Red Hat Innovation Day Event to learn more about IBM watsonx.

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Source: IBM, 10.4.2024

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